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>>Hello, I am new to this group and this is my first post. Today I

>>received by mail a Nikon FM with f1.4 Ai lens. I have taken a few

>>pictures,but of course have none to evaluate at this time. My concern

>>is this- When I turn the focusing ring all the way to infinity the

>>camera remains out of focus and the split image is distinctly

>>non-aligned. It focuses sharply at about a 10ft.distance and under. I

>>unscrewed the inner lens element a little and I noticed the focus was

>>improved but of course the element rattled in this position. Can this

>>problem be corrected at Nikon repair or other repair site because even

>>if the pictures come out fine I'm not looking forward to always

>>looking at a fuzzy image at 10ft. and up.  Thanks, Ed



>Sounds like someone disassembled the lens and left out some spacers or

>they did not reassemble the helicoil properly..


>If that's the case, you'll have to send it out for repair..


>If you could unscrew the front element easily, that could mean someone

>did in fact disassemble the lens..


This seems like the most likely cause for the problem, but

a "moved" mirror (surprisingly easy to do...) or a slightly

displaced viewing screen can have the same effect (the

film image of a very distant subject would be sharp with the

lens set at the infinity mark, though the viewing image

would be out of focus...).