On Wed, 19 Feb 2003 03:35:51 GMT, Jim Gilliland <usemylastname@cheerful.com> wrote:


>I just bought a relatively inexpensive ($500) camcorder to replace my

>old broken 8mm unit.  I expected that the newer technology would produce

>a far superior image, but that doesn't seem to be the case.  In fact,

>I'd say that the image being produced by this camera is pretty much

>identical to the Sony 8mm analog unit that I bought for about the same

>price 10 years ago.  It may even be a slight step downward.


>So my problem could be one of three things - maybe you experts here

>could help me determine which one(s) apply:


>1) My new camera is defective,

>2) The camera that I bought (JVC GR-D70u) is generally not a good

>choice, or

>3) $500 miniDV cameras generally don't produce images that are

>significantly better than analog units.


Probably closest to 3) - good DV models have significantly

higher image resolution and better color than 8mm, though

sometimes the low-light range is not as great... Viewed

on a so-so 20" or smaller TV, you may not see a lot of

difference, though. For a comparison of image quality at

various levels in a DV line (Sony), see: