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>  with proper lighting and color balance, a good 1 ccd camera can approach 3ccd

>qaulity,   I have intercut footage from both from the same event and they blend

>very well.


Yes, as I said in my post preceeding yours, "This

does not mean that good video cannot be shot with

1-CCD cameras, but the lighting conditions under

which good image quality can be had are more limited

than with good 3-CCD cameras..." ;-) See also

www.David-Ruether-Photography.com/multi-camera2.htm for a

six-camera edit - 4 of the cameras were 3-chippers,

2 were 1-chippers (in low light, no less...;-).

There were four different camera models used,

requiring both color and contrast/brightness/tone

adjustments to match them, but the results were