I Wish to Express My Appreciation to Some of the 
     Many People Who Have Helped Me...

           [In no particular order within a letter category...]

A Bill Andriette, George Apgar, Kel Arden, Allen Atwell 
       Jack Anderson, Ollie Anderson
B Mark Barsamian, Gordon Beck, Don Berth, Peter Blouin, 
       Loughran and Donna Boggs, Trudy Borden, Ken Bush, 
       LeGrace Benson, Tom Baker
C Bill Chapman, Lorna and Parke Close, Dino Colombini,
       Mario Corbett, Norm Cohen, Terry Clark, Bill Chapman,
       Patricia Caulfield
D Floy Damon, Mike Dixon, Patrick Duffy
E -
F Don Ferrario, Ward Folsom, Chayo and Patricia Frank, 
       Mildred Ferris, Finger Lakes Independence Center
G Hanelore Glasser, John and Elaine Gill, David Gluck, 
       Bruce Goff, Dr. Gaffney, Gadabout, Margaret Goodman
H Margarita Von Hackh, Prof. Healey, Peter Hillman, 
       Robert Hall, Graham Hall
I Claire Ives
J Tom Johnston
K H. Peter Kahn, Rintaro Kawamichi, Miss King, Ed Kruger,
       Dean Burnham Kelly
L Thomas Leavitt, Steve and Kathy Lehmer, Roger and 
       Beverly Livesay, Don and Gloria Lochte, Nathan Lyons, 
       Joanne LaPadula
M David Manly, Gladys McConkey, Myron Milner, Robert 
       and Shirleigh Moog, Mrs. Morey, John Marcham,
       Aunt Bell and Uncle Jay Metcalf, Mark Malkin,
       Lee Mellen, Rita Mellen
N Bob Neuman, Dewey Neild, Marge Ng
O (Garage owner, tow truck owner in Norman Oklahoma), 
       (Veterinarian in Norman Oklahoma), Dr. Oliver
P Gavrik Peterson, Frank and Peggy Pannenborg, Jonathan 
Q -
R Br. David Steindl-Rast, Gerald Robison, Lorana Rogers, 
       Dorothy and Robert Ruether, Marilyn Rivchin
S Eric Shambach, Peter Shalit, Martha Shalit, Gene Shalit, 
       Robert and Marcia Shuman, Paolo Soleri, Nancy and
       Larry  Solomon, Tim Smith, Mike Swalje, Chuck Swan, 
       John Szarkowski, Dr. Stackman, Bennett Sherman
T Sherry Thurston, Linda Thompson
U -
V -
W Russell Ware, Jon Weiss, Marion Welch, Christopher 
       Wright, Kerry Wyndham, Michael Wellen
X -
Y -
Z -
   And myself, for daring to walk down to (and up from) Phantom  
       Ranch at the bottom of Grand Canyon, and for climbing 
       the 2500' high Yosemite Falls. But, alas, never again...

I Also Wish to Express My Apologies to the Many 
     People a Stupid Kid with Asperger's Syndrome 
          May Have Slighted or Annoyed...

           David Ruether

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