A Brace For The Canon HV20 And Similar Small Camcorders
           A handle and mounting bar with 1/4" threaded holes from a Tiffen "Steady Stick" were 
           combined with a folding "L" flash bracket and a compact quick release (a non-slip rubber 
           cane end was pushed over the bracket's flash shoe to cushion its end) to make a hand 
           holding brace for small and light camcorders. The additional accessory shoe bar is easily 
           removed and it is not usually used. In use, the handle is gripped with the left hand, the 
           straightened "L" handle goes over the left shoulder, the right hand holds the camcorder 
           using its strap, and the eyepiece viewfinder top rests on the eyebrow. Only a single knob 
           needs to be loosened, then tightened, to get this compact brace ready for use. (Since 
           writing the above and taking the photos below, I have added a second straightened "L" 
           handle to provide an extended grip for the right hand.) 
                  -- David Ruether





























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