VX2000 - VX2100 Odds and Ends...
    David Ruether

Various lens shade, windscreen, handle, and eyecup solutions for the
VX2000 are shown below...

Shade for the Raynox .66X:

A Nikon 72mm shade for the old-style 20mm f3.5 Nikkor is screwed
onto the Raynox .66X. A blackened plastic can cover with a cutout to
cut acceptance down to the image area used is snapped over the shade.
A rubber band over the edge of the cap helps to hold it on the shade
(a similar uncut can cover can serve as a lens cap):

The can cover is rotated to level before shooting:

An alternative shade: a 72->77mm step-up ring, plus a Bowers WA 77mm
shade (shown with a favorite "side handle", used for steadying camcorders):

Shade for the Canon .7X:

A "lip" is cut out of a cardboard cylinder and painted black. Sticky-back
black rubber is fitted to the inside surface, and a rubber band is used to
hold the shade in place. With these home-made shades be sure to move
the camera in various directions with the stabilizer on and the lens at
widest to make sure the shade does not cut into the image.

The photo below also shows a stock Radio Shack windscreen in place
on the camcorder's mic:

An "official" alternative shade for the WD-58 is the Canon shade made
for this converter - but I find it rather too large and awkward to use:

Shade for the Large Raynox Fisheye:

A "flag" was made from thin sheet-metal for the large Raynox 180-degree
fisheye converter, with sticky-backed rubber attached to the inner surfaces
of the "arms" that wrap around the converter and fit flush against a raised ridge.
A rubber band over the arms secures the shade, necessary for this converter.

The Sennheiser MKE-300 short-shotgun mic is shown with a Rycote cover
(the one made for the XL-1 mic, though it is a little short for the Sennheiser...).
The Sennheiser is on a modified shock mount borrowed from a Sony 908c 
mic, which removes a mechanical-vibration "hum" from the audio.

Shade for the Nikkor 15mm f5.6:

Possibly applicable to large WA lens converters is this shade solution,
made from a plastic freezer container painted black on the inside. Strips
of sticky-back foam insulation are bent over the rear opening to hold the
shade in place:

Eyecup modification:

The VX2000 eyecup fits glasses so well that the eyepiece and glasses 
surfaces soon become
fogged. Four holes, cut with a standard paper punch, 
solve this problem (I'm left-eyed).

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