Many Useful Nikon-Related URLs:

MUCH Nikon info is available here:

A rather vast collection of Nikon-related links is here:

Specifications for Nikkor lenses can be found at:

Accessories available for Nikkor lenses are listed at:

Serial number identifiers for Nikkor lens age can be found here:

The year-by-year history of Nikkor lens introductions can be found here:

A Nikkor-lens/Nikon-body compatibility matrix chart, with lens acronyms, is here:

Information on AI/AIS can be found at:

Non-AI to AI conversions and "prong" additions to lenses are offered by John White here:

High-resolution micro/macro and other specialty Nikkors can be found here:

Some optical information is at:

Bjorn Rorslett's wonderful web page (select "Lenses" for Nikkor evaluations) is at:

An interactive demo page on "bokeh" (JavaScript needs to be enabled) is here:

An interesting Nikon photo site which also lists photography holidays and workshops in France:

Many other interesting photo, video, and audio URLs are at:

My Photo, Video, and Audio Items FOR SALE are here:

Other lens review/evaluation/comparison/test sites:

Many interesting lens comparisons are offered here:

There are many good lens tests here:

Bjorn Rorslett's wonderful web page (select "Lenses" for Nikkor evaluations) is at:

And more lens reviews are here:

With more here:

And even more are here:

Grover Larkin's lens reviews are at:

Ken Rockwell's Nikkor lens reviews are at:

Many Nikon lens review URLs are here:

Many 3rd-party lens review URLs are here:

And, my own "Subjective Lens Evaluations (Mostly Nikkors)" is at:


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