Chayo Frank's Amertec Building

           I first met Chayo Frank while we were architecture students at the University of Oklahoma and 
           we became friends. I had left Cornell Architecture School's rather rigid academic environment 
           and I traveled three months around the Southwestern US. I also worked briefly for two very 
           interesting architects, Paolo Soleri of Scottsdale, Arizona and Mario Corbett of San Francisco, 
           California. The U. of O. architecture school was 
still feeling the very original influences of Bruce 
           Goff and Herb Greene when I arrived, although both had left. I enjoyed my one term at the U. of O. 
           (and I did well), but my interests were moving toward photography, and I left. Chayo and I have 
           remained in contact during the many decades since. While visiting Chayo and his wife long ago 
           in Miami, Florida, I photographed the recently completed (at the time) Amertec building in nearby 
           Hialeah that he had designed for his father's business. The story and the photographs, restored 
           the best I could using the aged color prints that were available (while trying to remember the 
           correct colors) are here -- 




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