Bob Neuman and David Ruether

Trip to the South Western US

May - June  2005



This privately owned location was a surprise. David vaguely remembered a visit here in the late 1940s, but little else about it except wondering "where the meteor was" (now we know…). It was astonishing to think of the cataclysm that created this great and still well-formed dish in the earth (it is the largest well-preserved impact crater on earth). On a platform (shown on the left side of the first photo) are sighting scopes and telescopes so that the visitor can locate and see very distant things in the crater (like a full-size cut-out of a man in the crater's center that is too distant to see unaided, and some old drilling gear). The visitors' center was excellent and the gift shop was one of the best on the trip, with a good selection of things like petrified wood, trilobites, crystals, crafts, etc., most at good prices.


meteor-panorama.jpg (145684 bytes)

(Photos were taken by Bob Neuman and edited and adjusted by David Ruether)
(All photographs Copyright 2005 Robert Neuman)

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