Bob Neuman and David Ruether

Trip to the South Western US

May - June  2005



The legend has it that a cowboy herded wild horses over the narrow land passage leading to the point, fenced off the narrow neck, but then forgot to feed and water the horses. The view from the point of the upper Colorado River area is wide and wonderful, though. A potash plant in the distance looks like unusual straight-edged bright blue lakes. We went on to Canyonlands National Park the same day, then returned to Dead Horse Point before returning to Moab for the night. The next day we went to an arts and crafts festival in Moab's city park, and David bought a rubber band repeater pistol (for the cats…;-).

We stayed four nights in Moab, Utah, which is next to Arches, and near to Dead Horse Point and Canyonlands.


(Photos were taken by Bob Neuman and edited and adjusted by David Ruether)
(All photographs Copyright 2005 Robert Neuman)

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